Sebastiaan Vaessen

Naspers Group

Global Head of Strategy of Naspers with responsibility for the group portfolio strategy, identifying new investment opportunities, corporate development, and special projects. Naspers Group is an investor in and builder of winning platforms in ecommerce, classifieds, marketplaces, price comparison, O2O, FinTech and video entertainment in high growth geographies(Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa) More than 15 years of experience at Bain & Company and Monitor Group helping companies in eCommerce, FinTech, retail/consumer good, and Private Equity. Investor in various early stage, seed and growth stage companies Non-executive board member in (social) ventures in high tech and new media industries. Worked in 35 countries across the globe covering both mature (Western Europe, USA) and emerging markets (South East Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Middle East/Africa)